Monthly Archives: October 2012

Weed Weekly – Clovers

Many of you already know this one, but I bet you didn’t know you could eat them! My husband I were out for a hike a few months ago and found a patch of clovers. On a whim, we figured we would try and find a 4-leaf one. Imagine our surprise when we found 20! […]

Leptin and the Weight Loss Struggle

I recently read an article from PBS that I found very interesting. It explains how our bodies have adapted to putting on weight as an environmental advantage to cold and the constant need to hunt and gather our food. Even as recently as the 1800s, curvaceous women were viewed as more beautiful and portly men […]

Recipe – Vegetable Medley

A few years a friend of mine came by with a bag of vegetables from his parents’ garden.  He simply said, “I don’t like vegetables.  I figured you guys might find some use for them”.  He handed them over rather tentatively, as if he were prepared to by-pass me for the trash can.  I thought […]

Tea – An Insomniac’s Best Friend

My posts sometimes run into the wee hours of the early morning.  I have a rather dubious sleep schedule. When I do find myself wired and talking nonsense to my husband at 3:30 AM, I like to make a quick cup of my Sleepy Time Tea to get my eyes to finally shut.  I know […]

Weed Weekly – Common Plantain

Hello Fellow Bloggers! I figured I would initiate what I will call, “Weed Weekly”.  No, not that kind of weed.  Although I am located in Colorado, I probably won’t review that herb for a while.  There are many herbs that grow in our yards that are often overlooked.  They are plucked, poisoned and generally treated […]


Welcome to my WordPress site.  I am pleased to start this new adventure into the blogging world. My goal is to provide nutritional, diet, herbal and inspirational advice to those of you in the blogging community. I am currently in pursuit of my Nutrition degree at University of Colorado and Colorado Springs and am taking […]