Tea – An Insomniac’s Best Friend

My posts sometimes run into the wee hours of the early morning.  I have a rather dubious sleep schedule. When I do find myself wired and talking nonsense to my husband at 3:30 AM, I like to make a quick cup of my Sleepy Time Tea to get my eyes to finally shut.  I know I’m not alone when it comes to my lacking in the sleep department.  So I figured I should share my recipe.  I mix all the following ingredients into a tinted bottle and save them for later.

3 tbs of chamomile
3 tsp of catnip
2 tsp of jasmine flowers
1 tsp of lavender
1 tsp of crushed rose hips or hibiscus flowers
1 tsp of basil

Add about 1 tablespoon to a tea ball and brew as long as you like. I love this tea.  It has a definite herbal flavor and wonderfully aromatic scent.  If you do happen to use the hibiscus flowers, don’t overbrew them.  The rest of the herbs can sit in the glass for as long as you are drinking it, but the hibiscus flowers become very potent after about 5 minutes of brewing and begin to taste a bit bitter.

I also have another serious weapon against my insomnia in my arsenal.  It remains tucked in a corner of my cabinet, double bagged in a corked jar.  It’s called Valerian root and it is a potent sleep aid.  Why is it hidden in the back of my cabinet then?  Because it smells plain awful.  I’ve heard that it drives cats crazy, like catnip.  I don’t think mine have ever batted an eye at it (but then again, they don’t really ever blink, do they?)

Photo provided by TLC

I buy the powdered form and put it into my own capsules.  If you don’t make your own herbal pills, you should.  It is by far cheaper to make your own than to buy them pre-made.  I use this handy dandy little machine below.  It runs about $20, but it saves you piles of money in the long run (if you enjoy taking supplements, that is).


All in all, sweet dreams.  I hope my Sleepy Time Tea helps a fellow insomniac get a little shut eye.
Take care.


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