Yerba Prima – Prima Cleanse

I didn’t start this blog to market products, but when I find one that works, I think it is worthy to bring it to the blogging community’s attention.  I recently took the Yerba Prima Women’s Renew cleanse and I was very impressed with the results.

No matter how enthusiastic I am about health and wellness, I have a terrible sweet tooth and don’t always follow my own advice.  After purchasing a bulk box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate, and after gorging myself on its seductive sweetness for several days, I was beginning to experience some ill effects from the sugar over-dose.

As many of you out there may know, in-taking simple sugars wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels.  Hence, I would find myself craving nonsensical foods…like IHOP’s greasy lo-melt nastiness.   A far cry from my usual craving for whole wheat noodles with olive oil, tomato, kalamata olives and fresh basil. But you know…it happens.

By the way, if anyone out there is wondering why they find themselves craving bizarre, fatty, and salty foods, it’s probably because you need to regulate your blood sugar levels.  And here was my savior.

It has a mess of great cleansing herbs and its signature Great Plains Bentonite clay.
If you haven’t heard about using clay as a detoxifier, then you have been missing out.
You can use clay as a face mask to help draw out impurities and improve circulation.
Clay is also a highly absorbent material that attracts toxins to it.
It is the best detoxifier I have ever used.

My husband had cystic acne on his back for decades.  His unfortunate sores were often debilitating in both his personal and professional life.  We found that by doing a mask of the powder on his back every other day, his acne was all but gone within 2 weeks.  Yay!

Aside from the bentonite, this cleanse (which comes with 3 bottles of pills) has herbs aimed at both cleansing as well as building your system.  This includes well-known liver detoxifiers such as milk thistle as well as immune boosters like goldenseal.  It also contains my favorite plantain husks and leaf!  A dab of ginger, probiotics, and  aloe vera and you have a wonderfully concocted gentle cleansing formula.

By the end of the trial, I was sleeping easier, waking faster, had more energy, and not to mention some very pleasant bathroom time. (;
Like I said, I’m not a salesperson and I’m not looking to market products, but I just loved this one so much I figured I would share it.

Best of luck to you and take care.


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