Exercise – For Men – Abs, Squats and Arms

My husband loves his ab workouts.  This is the routine he usually follows.

He has an “ab ripper” dvd that pretty much wears him out despite it only intending to last about 10 minutes.  Sometimes 10 minutes is all it takes.  You just have to have the dedication to do it.

My main tip is to not just want to do it but to plan on doing it.  Incorporate these exercises into your day by scheduling them.   My favorite time to exercise is first thing in the morning.  It helps me wake up, stretches my muscles and gives me more energy for the rest of the day.  Then I eat breakfast and reboot.  I have also found that exercising just before you eat breakfast really gives your metabolism a kickstart because you are exercising after fasting for about 8 hours during your sleep.

My husband likes the ab workouts and squats.  Squats are probably just as important to the male physique as having a flat stomach.  The main focus for most male oriented routines are the biceps, stomach and thighs.  Circuit training is probably the best way to achieve your ideal body shape.  Don’t just focus on strength training (I’m guilty here too).  You have to add in some cardio to get the most out of your strength training exercises.

My recommendation is to start out your morning with some good yogic stretches like downward facing dog, cobra, and triangle pose, along with some hamstring stretches.  Then work on your squats either using a timer or by counting.  Try to add an extra 5 squats each day you do your routine.  Reward yourself after adding an extra 25.
Then do some jumping jacks, jump rope or jogging in place for several minutes to get your heart rate up.  Once you feel like you’ve got your blood going, then do your core exercises.  Continue with some biceps, triceps or lat workouts and then finish up with the same yogic stretches.  All in all, this routine should take up about 15-20 minutes and should make a big difference after only a month.  Aim for 3-4 days a week.
Best of luck to you!  Stay healthy.


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