How do we Succeed?

We learn…

10% of what we read;
20% of what we hear;
30% of what we see;
50% of what we both hear and see;
70% of what is discussed;
80% of what we experience personally;
95% of what we teach to someone else.”
– William Glasser
How do we continuously improve?  If we can only maintain our own desire to move forward, then we will never find ourselves sliding backwards.  We can read about diets and health.  We can talk about it.  We can even experience it first hand.  Yet, until we set our minds to pursuing it, it can slip right past us.
Take some time to consider what you want to achieve with your own health, whether it be a new exercise or a new diet.  Read about it.  Listen to lectures or discussions on it.  Talk about it with friends.  Finally, share it with someone else.  One of the most powerful motivators for success is accountability.  Don’t just tell them what you plan on doing, ask them if they would want to do it to.  Most people feel they can be healthier.  Most people want to be able to push themselves but lack that driving force which accountability provides.
Pursue your best and then teach it to others. It’ll be a joy, I promise.
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