Minimalism – Why I Don’t Use Shampoo or Conditioner

In-the-trees I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in almost a decade.  When I was a teenager, I got really tired of the effect shampoo and conditioner had on my hair.  I had constant dandruff (despite using anti-dandruff shampoos) and I never looked forward to washing my hair because it would fluff up and look ridiculous, especially in the humid climate of Louisiana.

So one day, I just stopped.  I showered and rinsed my hair with plain old water.  At first, it became dry and brittle and I considered going back to the same old in-and-out of washing, conditioning, repeating.  But I wanted change and I didn’t like being dependent on a product, so I waited it out.  I’m so happy that I did.

My hair has never been better.  Over years my hair has only improved in texture, strength, and color.  To help get me to this point, I took up a very beneficial routine of combing my hair with a wooden comb. Why? Because a wooden comb grabs oils as it brushes.  This means that all of the oil that gets stuck at the root of the hair near the scalp can be pulled down and used where it matters.

I also began wrapping my hair with a scarf, especially during windy or cold days. This video, courtesy of MoamNetwork demonstrates the many ways you can use a scarf to wrap your hair. 

For extra moisture, I added a little coconut oil to the tips while my hair was still drying and Man!  Did it make my curls pop.  In fact, my hair curled better than it ever did with any product or conditioner.  Not only that, but it felt so much better and guess what?  No more dandruff.

That was nearly a decade ago and I’ve never looked back.  Who would have known that our bodies were so capable of self-regulating?  That those products you use for your skin and hair might actually be preventing you from knowing your best physical appearance?  I used to feel that my dandruff and fuzzy hair was just a bane I inherited from my family.  I never would have guessed I would now have dandruff free hair and perfect curls all by eliminating that shampoo conditioner combo I had been “conditioned” to believe I needed.

Don’t believe what they tell you!  Body care products have been cleverly marketing to women in a way that makes them feel inefficient in their own bodies.  Scented deodorants, anti-antiperspirants, lotions, conditioners, shampoos, hair dyes, facial creams, the list goes on.  A lot of these products are not only unnecessary but can sometimes be dangerous for your body.

I suggest going on a body care fast.  See what your body needs and learn what it might not.  If your skin is dry, eat more oils.  If your skin is oily, watch your fats and wash with a gentle soap.  If you suffer from dandruff, try a vinegar wash and go without any shampoo or conditioner for a time.  You might find that it does you a world of good.



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