My Egg Donor Story

About a year ago, I think I was pursuing one of those, “How to make money fast” articles when I came across the idea of egg donation. The concept was very interesting so I started doing some research into it.

It’s actually surprising that I ever decided to move forward with it at all. When you search for egg donor stories online what you get is a scores of horror stories about how awful of an experience it was. People with a range of terrible reactions such as spontaneous sciatica, ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome and cysts pop up that are sure enough going to scare anyone thinking about donating.

But I was intrigued by the idea of it so I dug deeper. I read the stories of people that needed egg donors. People who just want to be parents. They just want to do what people instinctively want to do. It really got to me…the idea of being denied something so innate. It’s heartbreaking.

My uncle’s wife struggled with conceiving a child. She miscarried 7 times before finally having her only son. To her, having that child was the most important thing. It motivated me. I researched more.

I found stories of children born from egg donors. Again, the stories are a mix of sadness, frustration and joy. Sometimes the children are happy with the choices their parents made, other times they wish things would have gone differently. It’s a remarkable situation to be in.

Take this amazing story, for example, of an egg donor child and her egg donor “mom” meeting when she was just barely 16. Of course, this story has a happy ending and leaves you with a feel good idea about egg donation.

The parents stories are by far the best thing to read if you are considering being an egg donor. These parents are so wonderfully grateful and often such genuinely delightful people that it’s a shame that I’m an anonymous donor. I’d love to know them but I want them to know that this is their life – I feel my existence in it might be distracting. It’s motivating and rewarding to read their excitement and joy after so much heartbreak.

I started my research into egg donation based solely on the idea of making some money to pay off some debt. I don’t feel shame for that. Most decisions start with selfish motivations, but what’s better than the money is the idea of giving something to these people that no one else can give them: a new life with a bumbling, blithering, bouncing baby to keep them busy.


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