My Egg Donor Story – Getting Started

I went through a lot of testing prior to being selected by these intended parents (IPs). They needed to know that I was fertile and healthy, which means they are going to need blood. The truth is, if getting your blood drawn isn’t your thing, then you’re going to have some trouble with the process. They draw A LOT of blood. Speaking of blood…

Starting the Egg Donation Cycle

You will NEVER be so excited for your period to start as you are when donating eggs. The process can’t begin until you start your period, at which point they will put you on birth control to synch your cycle with that of the IPs. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t contact me until the day AFTER I finished my period, which meant I needed to wait nearly 4 weeks before my next cycle. It’s an unbearable wait but I can just imagine what it’s like for the IPs!

Once your cycle starts, you go on birth control. Thus far, the birth control has surprisingly been the hardest part of this hole process for me. Birth control makes my already large breasts swell and become tender. I couldn’t fit in my bras and resorted to sports bras to get me through. Hugs were painful!

I don’t want to exaggerate here. They didn’t go up a whole cup or anything but I was definitely getting some double-boob action with my bras. I was on birth control for about a month. It’s important to note that you skip the inactive pills during this time. I was very happy to go off of them and get my girls back down to normal size.

The First Ultrasound

I went in for my first ultrasound and everything looked fine, which meant that one week later I would start my stimulation medication. It was around this appointment that they ask you a range of questions that seem crazy but have a totally legitimate reasoning behind them. Most of the questions relate to Mad Cow Disease and other prion-related diseases. The reason they have to be certain you couldn’t possibly be exposed to any of these diseases is that they are passed down through your genetics. It’s good to be careful.

They also do a full physical where they check for tattoos and scars from injections or surgeries. It’s important to be honest about everything. I had a few piercings but luckily for the doctor, no tattoos. She said they require that she draw them on the notes. lol.

Read on to My Egg Donor Story – Injections to learn about how the stimulation medications went.


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