My Egg Donor Story – Getting Picked

Signing Up With a Donor Agency

I had chosen the donor agency I did because it had great reviews online. A few of the egg donor horror stories mention being treated like a product or an object by certain agencies. That’s so upsetting because there are plenty of great agencies out there that will treat you wonderfully.

I had initially signed up for 3 agencies and went through the arduous process of filling out my medical history, personality, and other information. One agency asked some absolutely bizarre, spiritual-type questions that made me feel very uncomfortable so I decided to drop out of their system. The 2nd one was okay but I did get the vibe from them that I wasn’t going to be respected. They had negatively commented on the quality of my photos and were snippy and rude to me on the phone when I called to ask basic questions about he process. No worries! I’ll drop you guys too!

Finally, I found my donor agency. They are wonderful ladies and some have donated themselves, so they understand what I’m going through.

Getting Chosen by an Intended Parent

It’s oddly satisfying being chosen as a donor for a couple. When you peruse the donor database, you see dozens of smiling beautiful ladies to choose from, all with different features, ethnicities and backgrounds. I didn’t feel that my image stood out enough.

Getting better quality photos was on my to-do list for months but I was picked by IPs very quickly after registering. I’m still a little unclear as to what happened but for some reason, they withdrew and took either another route or another donor. It was disappointing because being chosen is very exciting but I wanted them to do what was best for them. I was chosen again a few months later but at the last minute a friend offered to donate instead. I can’t be upset about that! How sweet of a gift to give.

Finally, about a year after signing up, I was chosen by the IPs that would put me through to my first donation.


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