My Egg Donor Story – Injections


Receiving the giant refrigerated box of medications is a little crazy feeling. You eagerly pull out all of the doses and look over them. This is when it finally set home for me that this was actually happening. Up to that point it was all contracts, legal speak, and birth control. I remember being so nervous each time I went in for an appointment because I just kept thinking that they would find something wrong with me. It would be devastating for me but also for these IPs who had already invested so much into the idea of me being their donor. But here it was, a box of hormones that were intimidating and exciting at the same time.


Before starting the Gonal-F, I psyched myself out for a few minutes before finally having my husband do the injection for me. What’s crazy is, I didn’t even feel it! I didn’t know he had even stuck me until he said, “Okay, now what?”

The pen is this high-tech piece of injection technology that allows you to easily set the dosage and it only allows that much medicine out. The needle is relatively small and the squishy fat around the abdomen makes that area not-so-sensitive. It was very easy.

I didn’t feel weird or different after the injection as I expected. After all, the birth control made me feel a bit out of sorts, I figured these doses of hormones would do something as well. But not really…

I continued with the Gonal-F for 6 days before they gave me the all clear to add Menopur and Cetritide to my list of injections. Each one has its own method of preparation and you feel a bit like a mad scientist, opening vials, mixing solutions and doing that classic “flick the syringe with your finger to get the bubbles out” thing. I found it exciting and interesting. Here I am, participating in this remarkable bit of science in the modern age. It is so unbelievably complicated and yet so simple at the same time. Exact dosages at precise times and a strange concoction of hormones. It’s amazing.

Each time I did an injection I expected to feel different. There were a few times that I feel a little euphoric. It sounds crazy and I’m not sure if it was even from the hormones, but I felt great. I never felt uncomfortable or irritable. I have what I would consider some very minor bloating, no worse than I would get around my period. I also have had a very minor headache for the last few days but I am allowed to take Tylenol and that clears it up. Aside from that, I don’t appear to have any symptoms whatsoever.

Myriad of Ultrasounds and…more blood

I’ve had, I believe 5 visits to the doctor thus far in the last 2 weeks and each time they draw a vial of blood and do an ultrasound to see how the eggs are developing. I am very grateful that the girls at the office are good at drawing blood because I can’t imagine having my blood drawn this many times with someone that can’t hit or find the vein. I am also grateful that I apparently heal quickly from needles and don’t bruise.

This last visit marked a momentous occasion for me because she said that everything was developing well and that I had about 20 eggs that could be harvested. I was right in the range, she said, of what she would consider a healthy development of eggs and not showing signs of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. Hazaah!

Again, I was very nervous about this last visit because despite my blood work always showing me being in perfect health, and me never really showing any signs of anything being amiss, I always worried about something wrong happening. I worried about not producing very many eggs. I am still worried about them being good quality. Simply because they are there, doesn’t mean they are viable, unfortunately.

My extraction date is set. I will give an update when that happens to let you know how everything went.



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