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Minimalism – The DivaCup

One bathroom item I forgot about is my Diva Cup. If you haven’t heard about it, read some great reviews here.  It really isn’t for everyone and it definitely takes some getting used to, but as you have probably figured out, I love anything that isn’t terribly wasteful. Years ago I wanted to cut back […]

Minimalism – My Bathroom is My Sanctuary

Most minimalist blogs and writers advise that you start decluttering one room at a time.  Well, I started with my bathroom and it has since became my sanctuary.  No, it isn’t as awesome as the image on the left, but I find it quite cozy and comfortable and it is totally me.

Minimalism – Why I Don’t Use Shampoo or Conditioner

I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in almost a decade.  When I was a teenager, I got really tired of the effect shampoo and conditioner had on my hair.  I had constant dandruff (despite using anti-dandruff shampoos) and I never looked forward to washing my hair because it would fluff up and look ridiculous, especially […]

Minimalism – The Beauty of Things

My journey began when I was a teenager.  I love Feng Shui and was constantly cleaning and rearranging my room to suit the flow.  I was always purging my room only to re-accumulate over time.  I loved the simplicity of a perfectly placed plant next to a stone to imbibe an area with a certain […]