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My Egg Donor Story – Retrieval

Taking the Trigger Shot On Monday I went in for one of my final blood draws to check my levels and see how the eggs were developing. They found that the eggs were of the right size and ready to go with an estimated retrieval number of 15-17. Everything looked perfect, right within normal healthy […]

My Egg Donor Story – Injections

Medications Receiving the giant refrigerated box of medications is a little crazy feeling. You eagerly pull out all of the doses and look over them. This is when it finally set home for me that this was actually happening. Up to that point it was all contracts, legal speak, and birth control. I remember being […]

My Egg Donor Story – Getting Picked

Signing Up With a Donor Agency I had chosen the donor agency I did because it had great reviews online. A few of the egg donor horror stories mention being treated like a product or an object by certain agencies. That’s so upsetting because there are plenty of great agencies out there that will treat […]

My Egg Donor Story – Getting Started

I went through a lot of testing prior to being selected by these intended parents (IPs). They needed to know that I was fertile and healthy, which means they are going to need blood. The truth is, if getting your blood drawn isn’t your thing, then you’re going to have some trouble with the process. […]

My Egg Donor Story

About a year ago, I think I was pursuing one of those, “How to make money fast” articles when I came across the idea of egg donation.┬áThe concept was very interesting so I started doing some research into it. It’s actually surprising that I ever decided to move forward with it at all. When you […]