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Weed Weekly – Dandelions

One of the most often poisoned and frequent weeds found in the United States is Dandelion. The whole plant is edible and not to mention delicious. I get very excited to see them bloom in the spring and fall.  My husband and I go out and pick as many as we can find and make […]

Weed Weekly – Mullein

Verbascum thapsus I have heard this wonderful plant described as “Indian Toilet Paper”.  I am a little bit horrified to think of using such an incredibly medicinal and beneficial plant in such a way, although…the leaves are very soft. Regardless, I shudder a little when I think about it. Mullein is a common sight here […]

Weed Weekly – Clovers

Many of you already know this one, but I bet you didn’t know you could eat them! My husband I were out for a hike a few months ago and found a patch of clovers. On a whim, we figured we would try and find a 4-leaf one. Imagine our surprise when we found 20! […]

Weed Weekly – Common Plantain

Hello Fellow Bloggers! I figured I would initiate what I will call, “Weed Weekly”.  No, not that kind of weed.  Although I am located in Colorado, I probably won’t review that herb for a while.  There are many herbs that grow in our yards that are often overlooked.  They are plucked, poisoned and generally treated […]