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How do we Succeed?

We learn… 10% of what we read; 20% of what we hear; 30% of what we see; 50% of what we both hear and see; 70% of what is discussed; 80% of what we experience personally; 95% of what we teach to someone else.” – William Glasser How do we continuously improve?  If we can […]

Yerba Prima – Prima Cleanse

I didn’t start this blog to market products, but when I find one that works, I think it is worthy to bring it to the blogging community’s attention.  I recently took the Yerba Prima Women’s Renew cleanse and I was very impressed with the results. No matter how enthusiastic I am about health and wellness, […]

Leptin and the Weight Loss Struggle

I recently read an article from PBS that I found very interesting. It explains how our bodies have adapted to putting on weight as an environmental advantage to cold and the constant need to hunt and gather our food. Even as recently as the 1800s, curvaceous women were viewed as more beautiful and portly men […]